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In 2010 we added a new subject for upper courses - Fashion English.
In 2010 we added a new subject for upper courses - Fashion English.
Fashion is inernational. It has no boundaries. Fashion is a gigantic system governed by its own rules. Depending on the countrys philosophy, popularity of fashion trends varies. That is why one should know which fashion house he or she wants to work for when deciding on the career. Each fashion design school offers its unique approach to this profession. Whether you dicide to go to Paris, or Milan, or Antwerpen, you should know that most programmes are conducted in one universal language - English.
Your performance during entry exams depends on clarity of your presentation, which is largely supported by your knowledge of professional English. The clearer you can talk about your aspirations, your professional and personal qualities, the more you become desiarable for schools. Good knowledge of professional English will not only make the programme more enjoyable, but will, also open more doors when you are ready to apply yourself as a professional designer.
We pride ourselves on creating a programme that produces students whose levels of preparation are compatible with international standards of higher education abroad. Our students are studying at such best European schools of Fashion Design, as: Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen, Instituto Marangoni in London, Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris.
Within Fashion English programme we offer lessons during which students learn professional vocabulary, gain skills in verbal presentations and discussions in English. Students study various aspects of design as a complex process with specific terminology.

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