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Helen Fashion Design School is a professional educational establishment in the sphere of apparel design intended for students of different ages and backgrounds. Our school maintains atmosphere of novelty and freedom. We are practicing teaching style influenced by European approaches. In our program you will find all the disciplines necessary for comprehensive high-quality education in design. We encourage freedom and flexibility in thinking. We have developed programs for students with different preparation levels and for different ages. These are: Costume Design, Independent Program, Foundation Course in Arts and Design, Childrens School of Design.

We use approaches in teaching which make us a truly unique educational establishment. One of our goals is to prepare students for a successful entry to European Higher Educational Schools. Upon graduation from Helen Fashion Design School, our students will have portfolios compatible with the highest standards dictated by the most leading design schools.

How to become an apparel designer? Why and how to develop own individual style? What to do with the ideas? These are the questions that become clearer and more recognizable inside the walls of the school.

Our school employs professionals who are passionate about what they do and are ready for a continuous professional development. These teachers treat their students as equal partners in the process of discovery and learning. Our teaches are mentors and colleagues who help young people to form their designers vision of the world, to develop strong logic in a complex process, to create an effective system in research and in defining tasks. One of the leading courses in design is conducted by a renowned Russian designer Leonid Alexeev.

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