Fashion Design School


Application process starts on May, 1 and ends on August, 31. Criteria for entry depend on programs of your choice and your age.

There are 15 places for the First Course of Costume Design (children over 13). We are not requiring any special training in drawing and painting. Candidates will be interviewed . We will be looking at their creative works and asking them to explain their motivation for studying on this particular course.

There are 10 places for the First Course of Costume Design Program (intensive, 17 years and older). Candidates will be interviewed . We will look at their creative works. Please be ready to discuss your interest in art, design, history and to share your opinions about these subjects.

Candidates for the Course of Practical Design under directorship of Leonid Alexeev need to bring their portfolios containing sketches, drawings, photographs of outfits and other related materials. There are only 5 places.

After successful entry procedure, within three days( starting from the date of notification by the school about their acceptance) candidates or their guardians sign a contract, pay an entry fee and assigned tuition before the start of a school year. A candidate is considered a student as soon as his or her payment is registered in schools account.

If you have any questions concerning admission, please call: 571 0007 or +7911938 3848.

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