Fashion Design School

Tuition and fees

Our school is founded as a private school. Tuition depends on a programme of your choice and intensity of your schedule. The numbers below could vary depending on an individual situation, needs, plans and goals of an applicant.

-Childrens School of Design 3000 roubles a month (for children 7-10 years old; 1,5 hour classes twice a week)

-Foundation Course in Art and Design: 4000 roubles a month (children 11-12 years old; 2 hour classes twice a week).

-Costume Design:

I Course 7000 roubles/mo

II Course 8000 roubles/mo

IIICourse 9000 roubles/mo

IVCourse 10000 roubles/mo

Intensive programme of Costume Design means combination of I and II courses into one year

I, IICourses 9000 roubles/mo

III Course 9000 roubles/mo

IV Course 10000 roubles/mo

-Independent Program costs from 5000 to 15000 roubles/mo

-Summer Program. Its cost will be determined by the start of the season

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