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If you do fashion, interior design, architecture it is nececcasy to study material functions and to compare them with the idea of your creation. Design is the art of functionality. The idea must be embodied in the material which most closely matches the qualities of the object, combined with its structure and design. How to make the material more profitable to operate in this cut? How to achieve the harmony between line and material?

Technology is exploring the properties of materials, particularly textiles, the conditions in which each material would take its own unique qualities, and it's constantly looking for new ones. Nowadays technology faces many challenges, even social - the search for synthetic fibers that won't be polluting the environment, fake fur, absolutely identical to natural. Many designers collaborate with the special factories that are engaged in the discovery and development of new fabrics and their combinations. Now it's even possible to design clothes that change color under the influence of changes in the environment humidity including and body temperature.

One material would function differently in different constructions. Embodyment of the idea is directly related to the material and it's use. Some technologists would argue with the designer's choice of fabrics for collections, and no matter how beautiful it was, the designer has to agree. Technology skills are necessary for the formation of your design thinking, and a full and thorough development of your ideas.

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