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Costume design

This course is not just about creating new clothes. It is about understanding design as: new form of seeing the world, new imagination, new thinking and harmony in fusion of function and beauty in one object. When a costume becomes a realization of thoughts and a metaphor of personal world, it becomes possible to make a discovery. Being an object of material culture, or a thing, in the right context it can become a history and a promise for the history. An art of creating such a context is a subject of design. This course teaches about history and evolution of design, principles of development of clothes forms, and search for these forms. Also, we learn how to analyse new trends in different areas of culture and fashion, how to recognize and structure them, how to sketch models and realize them into a collection. Still, the main goal of this course is to develop in our students a new vision of the world, where one can see new forms and meanings.

Course of Practical Design was developed by a group of teachers led by Leonid Alexeev. It is based on projects and tasks of the programs in Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, the Fashion Department of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts and other leading fashion design schools in Europe.

Teachers: Elena Stepanova and Leonid Alexeev

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