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Programme "costume design"

Program of Costume Design

This program is for children 13 years and older. It is a 4 year course. When designing this course, we considered importance of choosing future profession early in life. It is possible to obtain a diploma of fashion designer by the time a student is 17 years old. Our students successfully combine professional and general educations.

For those who have some technical training and experience in art we develop an individual program which allows to shorten its duration from three to one year. The course is adapted for two age groups: 12 years and older and 17 years and older.

This program consists of such disciplines, as: Costume Design, History of Costume, Art History, Basics of Composition, ColourVision, Drawing, Painting, Apparel Construction, Sewing Technology, Decorative Art and Crafts, Fashion Drawing and Fashion English. The course will result in a portfolio composed according to European requirements.

The first course is targeted towards forming basic skills and knowledge. Students goal at this point is to understand his or her future direction in the area of costume design.

Subjects of the First Year Course: Costume Design, History of Costume, Basics of Composition and ColorVision, Painting, Drawing, Decorative Art and Crafts.

Duration of the program 9 months. There are three lessons a week.

Your decision to move on to the second course means to us that you are committed to your choice of becoming a fashion designer. Program of this course is more complex and intense. This course broadens understanding of design process, develops associative thinking, gives solid experience in gathering material, research work and analysis.

Disciplines: costume design, historical costume, new subjects of apparel construction and sewing technology. There are more hours for drawing and painting.

Duration of the Program: 9 months. There are 4 lessons a week.

Third Course is about deepening of all the directions introduced in the previous years. We are focusing here on such aspects of design process, as: research, analysis and practice. This course requires commitment , enthusiasm and abundance of creative energy. At this time students start to form their own unique signatures. They accumulate practical and technical skills necessary for their future profession.

Duration of the Program: 9 months. There are 5 lessons a week.

The fourth course is a new level of approach to fashion design. Our priorities here are to teach how to organize and structure design process into the following aspects: research, analysis, concept building, experiment, formation of collection and its presentation. This course is a course in practical design and is directed by Leonid Alexeev. His goals are: to teach how to put the right accents while working on a concept; how to make a high-quality and clear presentation; how to make an effective verbal presentation. Students perfect their own unique styles and sharpen their practical skills. Lectures, trainings, and research in different areas of design and art provide our students with solid skills in theory and practice. During the course students work on several projects which lead to a final portfolio.

Disciplines: Practical Design, Historical Costume, Art History, Apparel Construction, Sewing Technology, Drawing, Painting, Fashion Drawing , Fashion English

Duration of the program :9 months. There are 6 and more lessons a week.

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