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Programme "costume design"Independent program Foundation course in art and designSchool of design for childrenSummer program for children and teenagers
Foundation course in art and design

This program could be viewed as a transition between childrens School of Design and the main program of Costume Design. It is designed for 11-12 year olds.

Within this course we offer general art disciplines which help children to emerge in the atmosphere of creative vision of the world, supports and develops freedom and experimentation which are typical for childrens play. Our students thrive in an atmosphere where they remain children but feel somewhat adult. All of this helps our students and your children to believe in their abilities and discover new talents.

Disciplines: Basics of Design, Basics of Composition, Drawing, Painting, Graphics, Decorative Art and Crafts.

Duration of the program: individual. There are 2 lessons a week. 2 hours each.

Summer Program for Children and Teenagers
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